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Update Firmware on Zyxel EQ-660R DSL Modem Atom Feed 0

Getting kicked off the internet all the time? Can't use BitTorrent? Is stuff slow? Well if you have the EQ-660R modem, you probably just need to update your firmware.

The powers that be at Embarq (now CenturyLink) give you a DSL modem when you sign up for their service. However they never really bother to give you a new one or update the firmware on it.

You probably have an EQ-660R if you signed up a couple of years ago, they don't seem to be made anymore.

The Problem

I was having problems with random modem crashes, taking me to a page wondering if my phone cord was plugged in to the wall. Anything with more than about 25 simultaneous connections, like BitTorrent, would cause this to happen right away.

I was using version V3.40(ACZ.2) of the firmware; I searched long and hard on the internet for a firmware update but it appears that CenturyLink had taken them all down.

The Solution

I messaged a few people on dslreports.com, and was finally able to find a firmware update program that had been sitting on someones computer. Unfortunately, it is an .exe, and so you'll need something Windows-ish to run it, but man does it help. This will update the firmware on your Zyxel EQ-660R to version V3.40(ACZ.8)_upg from 06/11/2007.

No more modem crashes, even with 100 simultaneous connections. What's even more impressive is that everything seems faster.


One thing you might want to check is that by default Remote Access over the WAN is enabled on the modem ( -> Advanced -> Remote Access), with the extraordinary default password of '1234'. So turn that off.

Without further adieu, here is the update. [1]

[1]This is definitely copyrighted material, either by Zyxel or Embarq/CenturyLink or both (or ?); if anyone has any problem with this being here, let me know. Also, if it takes over your computer and turns it into an email harvester, I'm not responsible. It appears to be legit though.