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Quick ways to get data on the internet.

IP Address

You can get your current IP, or the IP of your client (in javascript), using jsonip on App Engine. From http://stackoverflow.com/questions/102605/can-i-lookup-the-ip-address-of-a-hostname-from-javascript:

# 's
1<script type="application/javascript">
2function getip(json){
3 alert(json.ip); // alerts the ip address
7<script type="application/javascript" src="http://jsonip.appspot.com/?callback=getip"> </script>

This will return something like:

getip({"ip": "", "address":""});


Pidgets.com uses MaxMind's GeoIP database to provide free GeoIP location services. You can see a human readable version with http://geoip.pidgets.com/?ip= or a machine readable version with http://geoip.pidgets.com/?ip= (or xml).

There are of course others like google and yahoo, but they're not simple REST calls. See http://wiki.bcmoney-mobiletv.com/index.php?title=Geo-targeting