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With the days of the single cored processor drawing to a close and users demanding more robust user interfaces by the day, knowledge of multi-threaded programming techniques is quickly becoming a...
All aboard for the Data Zoom Express! With just about all the effort of falling off a rail car, this new web part will allow you to pull data from nearly any data source and integrate it directly...
Nosetests can't find your unit tests, but you know they exist?
GOMERA aims to become a (hopefully) fast, standalone kd-tree implementation for Python 3.x, built with Cython and an underlying C library. I will also probably integrate my already-working...
A short tutorial on adding more builtins to your favorite language.
Do easy text-to-speech on OS X with the 'say' command.
Work In Progress documentation for an fMRI viewing application, called FeMR.
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Your intern imported the same data multiple times, and now you have duplicate textual content in your database? Here's one way to remove it.
When needing to scale loaded assets in ActionScript so that no side is larger than a particular dimension, you can spare manual proportion calculation by using the scaleX and scaleY display object...
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This is a Demo
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