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Filetype Revelations and Grids

over 11 years ago

Haven't worked on the parser for the past few days - been puttering around on a cool freeMO called Runes of Magic. It's very WoW-y. I played WoW for a few months, but there were some major show-stoppers for me - however, I missed some of the 'look and feel' of the game once I stopped playing. RoM is a very cool replacement.

Anyway, on to the actual coding thoughts:


My original goal with the parser in regards to its file format was to make no further changes to a raw logfile than to simply timestamp it. After a few comments from Stou on a previous entry, I've decided to change that goal. There's really no reason to force myself to use a nearly completely raw file - the only reason I once had was to make it so that logs that were stamped before the actual calculation part of the project was finished could be read in properly. There's an easy way to fix that - just add some extra functionality to the stamper part that simply converts each line into a uniform format - a table of sorts, with each element separated by some kind of token. I'm thinking two spaces will do the trick, because I know the chat logger forces all instances of multiple spaces to be merged into a single space, so there should never be a natural occurrence of two spaces within the file.

As for what to call the extension, I'm not sure. Some basic ideas: .lla (LOTRO Log Analyzer), .llr (LOTRO Log Replay), .lpf (Log Parser Format), .plf (Prepared Log File) - the list could go on, but it's not of urgent importance just yet. I think I may go with .lla for simplicity's sake.

GUI Grid

I was intimidated at how difficult it may be to replicate the previous entry's grid into the program, but with the .grid method in Tkinter widgets, it's pleasantly easy so far. I just have to work out some minor details like text alignment and the program's main GUI should be good to go! I must express thanks to Stou for nudging me to keep working on the GUI even when I was too intimidated to try to continue at the time. :)


over 11 years ago (28 Jun 2009 at 06:47 PM) by Stou S.
Choosing names for stuff is pretty annoying most of the time... so good luck =)

Oh, make sure to check that your extension isn't colliding with something really common... (this site has a decent list of extensions toward the bottom http://filext.com/)
over 11 years ago (29 Jun 2009 at 04:48 AM) by Jenifer Irwin
Woohoo! LLA is not a filetype in that huge list! XD

It really is amazing how many different filetypes there are.