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Partial Rewrite

over 11 years ago

I think it's time for a significant restructuring of my program - there are some previously-believed limitations that don't actually exist, and those were the only things keeping me from doing it the way I originally wanted to. Something about passing arguments to a callback in an .after method or something.

Also, the grid code is a horrible, horrible mess and I have to figure out how to clean it up.

Right now I have a bunch of obsolete file operations in fileops.py - at one time I used all of the functions, but I abandoned the ideas that required them, and now I only use one of them. And it's a small one. I might as well just put it in the gui.py file instead, since that's where the function is used. So that gets rid of an entire file. But I'm going to add more!

  • init.pyw - gets the basics initialized so they can be hooked together
  • gui.py - controls the GUI and its callbacks, as well as some minor file operations that the GUI needs

EDIT: Instead of a bunch of different files for small classes, I just decided to make a 'classes.py' file. Not sure how many more files I might end up with - depends on what happens with the threads and line data-grabber...