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While developing Siafoo we have used many open source tools and technologies. We would like to recognize and thank the open source community as a whole, and specifically acknowledge the developers and team members of the following projects:

It just works. Period.
Truly the most advanced open source database server, highly tunable, performant, feature rich, and awesome.

Trac is an absolutely brilliant tool, it has saved us countless hours and greatly reduced release panic, its clean interface allows for efficient project organization without lengthy setup procedures. Unlike Bugzilla, setup and bug reporting is extremely quick and easy. Adding the XMLRPC plug-in to Trac and the Mylyn plug-in to Eclipse allows the development team to edit tickets and focus on tasks directly from within Eclipse.

Edgewall Software and Trac get an extra Thanks! from us, not only because we use Trac to manage Siafoo (and all of our other projects), and use their templating engine Genshi for Siafoo, but also because we borrowed code from Trac's diff feature for displaying diffs between versions of Siafoo content. The diff code that we took is so clean that we literally didn't change a single line.

SQLAlchemy and Elixir
Object Relational Mappers, because you probably shouldn't be executing text SQL statements from your application...
Love it or Hate it, you know it is the most flexible open source IDE out there.
Without Pygments, we wouldn't be highlighting snippets so beautifully. Or at least we would only support three programming languages... the most important ones of course.
For allowing Siafoo reST blocks to have amazing flow graphs.
OpenClipart.org, famfamfam, zeusboxstudio, and pinvoke
For providing free graphics resources for usage and inspiration. Check out famfamfam's silk icon set, you'd be surprised how much software out there uses these icons. Pinvoke's 'fugue' set is also worth checking out, there are an absurd number of icons there.