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Edit your code and reST in style with the Siafoo Editor! Just click on the icon next to any code or description field:

The editor is full-screen, so you'll have more room to type.

It also comes with everything you see here:

1   Preview Your Content (Without Reloading the Page)

This might not seem like a big deal, but if you've ever edited a document in a web browser, you know how frustrating it is to fix a problem, click preview, wait for the page to reload, and then find your place again in both the source text and the rendered document.

The editor saves your place in both, so you can make a quick change and see if it worked almost instantly.

Furthermore, since you're not reloading the page, your undo history is preserved.

2   Key Commands

The editor also gives you some keyboard shortcuts:

  • Tab (with nothing highlighted) will add 4 spaces (basically a tab width)
  • Tab (with something highlighted) will indent the highlighted line(s) 4 spaces
  • Shift-Tab will dedent the highlighted line(s) 4 spaces
  • Esc will let you escape full screen mode

3   Check it Out

Go create or edit an algorithm, article, library, group, or snippet and play around. Let us know if you have any cool ideas for the editor.