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Want to help support Siafoo? If you make a purchase via one of our affiliates, we get a cut and it doesn't cost you a thing. All proceeds will be used to support and develop the site, and to buy beer [1].

Below you can find a list of these affiliates, in approximate order of how awesome it would be if you shopped there.

Anywhere else you shop online?

Let us know and we can hopefully add them as an affiliate too.

You can buy anything from Amazon, and we'll get a bit of a cut. So come here before you go there : )
$3.50/month web hosting, with $50 Google Adwords credit. You get unlimited domains, emails, space, bandwidth, etc. and a free domain if you stay for a year. Unlike most of these sites you can apparently cancel anytime too. These guys have one of the better ratings on most of these web hosting indexes. Oh and it's wind powered (through offset credits) which is cool too.
Freelance programming site; easily get or post a job. David has used this site successfully to make some money, it's reasonable especially compared to other freelance sites that charge you to bid. (Freelancer has free sign up and bidding, you only pay a commission on your jobs).
If you haven't heard of this awesome site you probably don't belong on the internets; it's a site for, well, cool nerdy stuff. And they're offering you guys free home delivery with code DEALNEWS. You probably already shop there, so again, come here before you go there!
A computer hardware site. Mainly these guys have awesome discounts on hard drives, but they're not bad with other stuff either. David always buys his hard drives here.
Another computer hardware site. You can get 10% off anything (unless it's marked 'special') with code DEALNEWS until the end of 2010. David bought stuff from them long ago, and was satisfied.
A CPM ad provider we use here at Siafoo. We've just started using them, so the jury's still out, but you can accept or reject individual ads which is pretty cool, and the rates are pretty good in comparison to other services. And generally the ads served aren't too spammy. [You might want to use our open-source server Adjector to serve the ads :)]
[1]In order to hit the Ballmer Peak, obviously.