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1   General

1.1   What does Siafoo mean?

The short story is that there is no meaning to Siafoo. The long story is that the site is somewhat named after the Siafu ant. It has something to do with these ants working together effectively in great number and our vision for Siafoo to allow programmers to work together more effectively.

2   Content

2.1   I wrote this code that does this really obscure stuff that maybe only one more person in the world will ever use. Should I post it?

Yes. Obscure and esoteric code is great. The internets are full of the most basic examples in every conceivable language, it's the esoteric stuff that's hard to find. And who knows, maybe someone can modify it to serve yet another obscure purpose.

2.2   I have a bunch of tutorials/how-tos that I want to post on Siafoo but I don't have time. Can you guys do it for me?

It depends. If the content is of exceptionally high quality, we can probably do something for you. Contact us and we can figure something out. You can also try our HTML to reST converter, it might save you a bit of time.

2.3   Siafoo doesn't support syntax highlighting for my favorite language. What can I do?

If you have some time, you can write a custom lexer for that language. You can find instructions in the article How to write a Pygments lexer and on the Pygments web site. Post your code on Siafoo and let us know about it. After we review it we'll add it to the site. (Don't worry, we'll get to it fairly quickly.)

3   Algorithms, Articles, Snippets, Libraries

3.2   How do I attach a file/tarball to an item?

You don't. We will implement it at some point, depending on demand; drop us a line if this is something important to you. For now, you can upload the file to another website and place a link to it in your article/snippet/whatever.

4   Groups

4.1   How can a group own an object?

When creating or editing an item you can select the group that owns the particular object under the Access Control expander's Group Owner drop down.

4.2   How do I delete a group?

Before deleting a group, the group must only contain one single member (you). Once that criteria is met, a 'delete' link will appear on the group page.

5   Images

5.1   Why are my images square?

Short answer: page layouts are easier and cleaner if all of the images are the same size.

We are investigating other ways of making images square, such as scaling and padding. Until these options become available, you can use a free image editing program like Gimp to select a square part of your image to upload to Siafoo. This will prevent our software from chopping undesirable parts off your picture.

5.2   Why can't I delete my image?

If an image is attached to an article, you can not delete it until you remove the reference to that image from the article.

5.3   I uploaded a JPEG but now it's a PNG. What's the deal?

Siafoo converts all uploaded images to Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format, because it's a lossless format and because we can scale the images on the fly without worrying about compression settings. This should work in most cases, but we understand that there might be some corner cases where it might not. Please let us know link about any problems this causes.

6   Paranoia

6.1   Can you see my password?

No! We can not see your password, no matter what. We do not actually store your password but instead the result of a one-way hash function on your password. This means that although the software can check if you entered the right password, it can not recover the plain-text.

A common example of a one-way hash function is MD5. Since you are here, you probably know a little bit about hash functions, but if you need a quick refresher check out the Wikipedia article on Cryptographic Hash Function. Or, if you require a hard core mathematical definition, and we hope you do, take a look at Mathworld's page on Cryptographic Hash Functions.

6.2   Can you read my messages or private content?

The short answer is Yes, we can. Do we? No. We have the utmost regard for your privacy and will never read private content or messages for our amusement. However, in the course of debugging crashes or futzing with the database, we may accidentally encounter or glance at something set as private.