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The HTML to reStructured Text translator is a tool for bulk conversion of HTML to reST. Since the translator is far from perfect the resulting text should be proofread and corrected by hand.

Known Limitations

  • Nested formatting is not support, that is you can't make text bold and italic at the same time.
  • Lack of spacing around formatted text may not be handled correctly
  • No support for tables, don't even try.
  • Extremely large and deeply nested HTML documents will crash the translator

Processed HTML Tags


Tag Purpose
<a> Anchor (Only external links are supported)
<b> Bold text
<br> Line break
<code> Source Code
<em> Emphasized text
<hN> Headings 1 - 6
<i> Italic text
<img> Image
<li> List item
<ul> Unordered List
<ol> Ordered List
<p> Paragraph
<pre> Preformatted text
<tt> Teletype text ('' '')

Content Only

For the following tags only the inside content is processed. These tags do not result in any special reST formatting

<body>, <div>, <html>, <span>

Discarded tags

The following tags are discarded by the translator:

<head>, <link>, <meta>, <script>, <title>


<fieldset>, <legend>, <base>, <button>