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The advertising we display on Siafoo helps pay for the cost of running and developing the site.

Since we abhor flash-based advertisements, huge banners, deceptive ads, and most of all those ridiculous 'intellilink' things, we have attempted to display the ads in places where they make sense and in ways that will not annoy or distract you. In fact, a major motivation behind implementing the Articles feature in Siafoo was our annoyance with the prevalence of busy, flash-based ads in existing tech-article publishing sites.

You are, of course, free to use ad-blocking software in order to prevent the ads from showing, but note that most sites you use on the Internet today are free because they are funded using online advertisement.

Remember an ad or a deal you were interested in?

You can view all of our sponsors and deals. If you ever need to make a purchase from Amazon, ThinkGeek, or one of our other sponsors, you can help out Siafoo by doing it from that page.

Currently, we run ads from Google AdSense, Adbrite, Commission Junction, LinkShare, and a few independent affiliates. We use our own lightweight ad server Adjector to organize, randomize, and render ads and to track views and clicks. An unfortunate reality is that advertising services, including these, collect certain information about you. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

Please let us know if any ads are showing in weird places or in annoying ways, or indeed if you have any other questions or concerns.

If you are interested in advertising on Siafoo, please drop us a line.