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1   Why Citations?

Why are citations important?

  • Citations give credit to authors. Wouldn't you want credit for your ideas?
  • Citations allow Siafoo users a chance to get a better understanding of a concept.
  • Citations provide a good starting point for anyone with a desire to expand, improve or simply utilize the works in question.

2   How to Cite

You can cite in any way you want, but we provide a special way to site books by ISBN. Siafoo uses Amazon's API to look up the title of the book and to provide a link to Amazon. Why use the ISBN and not just the title? Two reasons:

  • Anyone reading will know exactly which version of the book you are talking about. The worst is to buy a book and realize that what you wanted was only in the next/previous edition.
  • We get a small commission for each book bought through one of these links, so you are supporting Siafoo. :)

You can get an inline link by using the role :book:`ISBN`. For example :book:`978-0201889543 ` will create C++ Programming Language, The.

For more information or to get a proper citation format, you can use the directive:

.. book:: 978-0201889543

This creates:

Bjarne Stroustrup, C++ Programming Language, The, Addison-Wesley Professional