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1   Writing Equations

Siafoo reStructured Text supports LaTeX-style mathematical expressions. You can display expressions inline or in a separate block.

If you are unfamiliar with LaTeX, we recommend reading through Andrew Robert's Getting to Grips with Latex for a general idea of what LaTeX is and how to effectively use it in your work. Because Siafoo currently supports LaTeX in math mode only, we suggest concentrating your efforts on the the Mathematics Part I and Part II sections.

Note that when you write an equation in Siafoo, we will wrap it for you in $, for inline math or \begin{equation|equation*|align|align*}, for separate blocks. So don't worry about that part of the syntax.

You can follow along using the Siafoo reST demo if you'd like.

1.1   Inline

To create inline equations, use the interpreted text role :math:`equation`. Fr example, :math:`E=mc^2` creates .

1.2   In Blocks

To get an equation block outside of the text use the math directive .. math::, followed by the equation(s) as the directive content (indented and separated by a blank space). For example:

.. math::

    \nabla \cdot E = \frac{1}{\epsilon_0} \rho

This code will produce:

1.3   Multiple Equations

For multiple equations you can use the align option. The equations will be aligned at the & symbol:

.. math:: align

     \nabla \cdot E &= \frac{1}{\epsilon_0} \rho\\
     \nabla \cdot B &= 0\\
     \nabla \times E &= -\frac{\partial B}{\partial t}\\
     \nabla \times B &= \mu_0 J + \mu_0 \epsilon_0 \frac{\partial E}{\partial t}

This produces:

You can use align* instead of align to remove the equation numbers. This graph is exactly the same as the previous except for that asterisk:

2   Symbols

The following table of symbols was taken from The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX 2e and is provided here for your convenience. We support all of these. (!)

2.1   Accents

Syntax Symbol

2.2   Greek

Syntax Symbol

2.3   Binary Relations

Syntax Symbol
\leq or \le

2.4   Binary Operations

Syntax Symbol
\vee or lor
\wedge or land
\rhd a
\unrhd a

2.5   BIG Operators

Syntax Symbol

2.6   Arrows

Syntax Symbol
\leftarrow or gets
\rightarrow or to
\iff (bigger spaces)

2.7   Accent Arrows

Syntax Symbol

2.8   Delimiters

Syntax Symbol
[ or lbrack
\{ or lbrace
or vert
] or rbrack
\} or rbrace
\| or \Vert

2.9   Large Delimiters

Syntax Symbol

2.10   Misc Symbols

Syntax Symbol
\neg or lnot