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Using the SharePoint Data Zoom Web Part, your SharePoint pages can perform powerful, flexible queries on a variety of data sources using simple, familiar syntax that's easy to write and understand....
The library for all the basic java snippets that newbies commonly ask
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Color class for OpenGL to keep track of colors used in an application.
Convert Scientific notation to a long number as a string using XSL Transform template.
Angle class that reduces confusion over using degrees radians.
This library is a combinatorics engine. It will index all of the possible combinations of x choose k. The library can convert between a combination and an index.
Stores boiler plate GUI startup code
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Javascript helper classes and functions....
Add code for the Delightfully Malicious contest to this library. The one with the highest rating will win....
As you may have guessed from the title, this library is for Pylons-related stuff. Anyone can edit this library.
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