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Snippets from the excellent book Dive Into Python by Mark Pilgrim.

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Converts words to pig-latin! Also there is some cool regex magic.
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Use the SGMLParser to retrieve a list of URLs from a web page.
Converts strings to their soundex equivalent. Soundex is a phonetic algorithm for indexing names by sound in English. This allows similarly-pronounced but differently-spelled words to be matched....
Call toRoman() to convert an integer to a roman numeral, or fromRoman() to convert a roman numeral to an integer....
Lets you take any input source -- URL, local pathname, network pathname, string -- and deal with it in a uniform manner. The returned object is guaranteed to have all the basic stdio read methods...
Renders Fibonacci sequences, up to a given maximum value, using a generator function.
Generates random philosophies based on the works of Kant and Husserl, thank you notes, and more using a context-free grammar....
A base class for an HTML processing module. Designed to take HTML as input and to output equivalent HTML....
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Provides a framework to get filetype-specific metadata. Included is an example to parse ID3 tags (version 1) from MP3 files....
Easily and correctly pluralize most English nouns....
Pass a phone number to parsePhoneNumber, it will return a tuple of (Area Code, 3-Digit Trunk, 4-Digit Number, Extension).