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Flow charts and flow-chart-generating code implemented in Python through the Nodebox environment. Note that you'll need to do a little voodoo to interconnect modules. The crude and easy solution, of course, is to simply merge any of the functions you need into a single module document.

A quick script to generate a flow chart for the Bogosort algorithm....
A few functions that draw simple nodes for use in a flow chart of differing bounding path shapes. Should eventually add a generic node class to enable complex node interactions and cut down on C/V...
Functions that generate edges (read: lines and pointers) for use in Nodebox flow chart graphing projects. Like the nodes functions, these should probably be reimplemented as classes eventually....
A few simple geometric functions for Nodebox projects. The angle, distance, and coordinates functions originally derived from the Math Tutorial at the Nodebox website. All others added by members...
Nodebox primitive functions that extend the core set. All are original or modified implementations of primitives submitted for public use in the Nodebox forum ....