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Pygments Lexers Atom Feed 0

This library is for Pygments lexers that should be included in the Siafoo supported languages list

A Pygments Lexer for syntax highlighting of IBM COBOL, a modern COBOL dialect. This is the IBM COBOL lexer used by Siafoo.
A simple pygments lexer for highlighting blender python scripts. This lexer is supported by Siafoo.
A Pygments lexer for the generic modern COBOL language implementation. This is the ILE COBOL lexer used by Siafoo.
A Pygments lexer for ILE COBOL, one of the languages supported under the Integrated Language Environment for the IBM i operating system (formerly known as OS/400 and i5/OS). This is the ILE COBOL...
Some lexers I wrote for Siafoo....
A simple, nigh-boilerplate Pygments lexer extending PythonLexer to include the Nodebox builtin environmental names....