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Aruanne is a Python framework for generating reports using pango, cairo and glib. This project has been inspired by reportlab and pangocairo in order to create a new generation multi-platform...
This class does operations on quaternions, which are used for rotations. Quaternions allow rotations to be added in a more natural way. I started with code I obtained from Andy Burbanks at...
This is going to be a place where I can leave snippets that I use as I explore using PIL to recognize images
Contains a header, footer, left and right bars and a content area. All positioning is absolute with the content area stretching and squeezing as the window is resized.
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Different automated methods to rename and organize downloaded TV episodes.
This class interpolates a value between two vectors. The vector class can be found in the library vector.
Using Silverlight with SharePoint...
Random VTK utilities and examples
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Python articles
This library is for Pygments lexers that should be included in the Siafoo supported languages list
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