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New Algorithm On Siafoo, an algorithm is a description of procedure for finding the solution to a perticular problem in a finite amount of time. Attached snippets can provide different implementations of the algorithm. Attached articles can provide more information about an algorithm, including its structure, its performance, and the motivation behind it.
New Article A Siafoo article can be any sort of technical publication or text. The content can be anything: a benchmark for a given system configuration, a tutorial for creating or configuring software, or a detailed technical description of a new system, method, protocol or structure. The tone can be colloquial or formal, vague or detailed. Siafoo articles are written in a customized version of reStructuredText. reST is a flexible, lightweight, industry standard markup language. We have expanded the existing set of reST directives with some custom Siafoo ones that allow for embedding of snippets and other code inside each article. Snippets embedded inside an article will always display the latest version and a link to the snippet object itself.
New Blog A blog is an online journal
New Group A Siafoo group is closer to a Unix group than to the group objects found on many social networking websites. Like users, groups can own other objects and their members can be assigned the same rights as the owner of the objects. For example, a group of people collaborating on a 3D rendering engine can create a Siafoo group that will own any code snippets they exchange, any articles they write together, or any libraries with other useful code they maintain. In this way, everyone in the group has equal access rights to the resources.
New Library A Siafoo library is a collection of algorithms, articles, and snippets. Typically the items in a library have some commonality, but obviously that is not a requirement as each user is free to choose what they put in their libraries. You are free to create as many libraries as you want and populate them with whatever you like.
New Snippet A Siafoo snippet is a piece of (nearly) self-contained source code that performs a useful function. It doesn't have to be an entire file or program, just a bit of code that does something specific. The source code is highlighted based on the selected language and is assigned a license (i.e. Public Domain, BSD, MIT, etc.). Snippets keep track of their references in libraries and articles. Users can search for snippets matching certain languages and licenses or by many other criteria. Your profile can display various metrics about your snippets.