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Random Name Display Bug Solved

over 12 years ago

Hi all... if you've been watching closely you might have noticed that pretty much everyone has a full name displayed now, not just a login.

We found an innocuous (but annoying) bug in the way your names were being saved in the database (not your first name or last name, but the derived string that appears to other people). Basically if you created an account in the last while, your "derived name" was just set to your login name no matter if you entered a first and last name or not.

Do not despair, though, the bug is fixed and the world is safe again. The default is to show logged-in users your first and last name; if you'd like to change this you can go to http://www.siafoo.net/my/options#general.

On Testing

Even though we run lots of automated tests before we release code, we can't possibly test everything and certain -- especially visual -- bugs creep in. We had just assumed that just no one was putting a first and last name... and so didn't even realize this was a bug!

If you're doing software development, definitely make sure to use a good unit testing framework for your project, as tests save lots and lots of time and prevent inevitable regressions from surviving too long... however you also need to actually write tests for things. Unfortunately.

Random sidenote: I don't know why we keep posting news items at 2:12 PDT. But it wasn't intentional.