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Fun with Firefox 3

over 12 years ago

Wow it looks like Siafoo users are early adopters... over the last month 36% of you that used Firefox have used Firefox 3 to visit the site! And the final version just came out a few days ago.


(Blue is Firefox, Green is Firefox 3.0, other colors are other Firefox 2 versions)

We haven't really done any UI testing with FF3; the betas had some weird rendering bugs but a cursory examination seems to show all of those now gone. But if you notice any weird visual bugs with Firefox 3 let us know via the Feedback link at the bottom of the page. Of course if you notice anything weird in any browser let us know too ;)

(Note that IE6 won't render the site quite as well as other browsers; we just don't think it's worth it to put the work in for a very-non-standards compatible browser with a shrinking user base... but for the 3% of you that use IE6, still let us know if anything is so bad as to be unusable.)

That's all for now.