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We've just updated Siafoo! This update was more of a 'soft launch' (insert joke here) -- we actually did the update Monday night, didn't tell anyone about it, and spent all of yesterday fixing bugs and writing help pages. And then we were too tired last night to write this news item : ).

The first chunks of newness (is that a word?) fall into the category of "Things you can do with reStructured Text". You can now put LaTeX Style Math and Graphs directly inside any reST. This means that articles, descriptions, and anything else that uses reST can now have math like or graphs like:

Thought I meant the other type of graphs? We also support Charts -- bar, line, x/y plots, and more -- in all the same places. So you can easily do something like this:


The second chunk of newness is a vastly improved Full-Screen Editor:


The editor lets you get an instantaneous preview of the code or reST you're working on without losing your place or undo history. It also lets you indent and dedent blocks of code... no more hammering the space bar!

Adding to the barrage of new help pages (most of the links I've mentioned so far are help pages), we have a redesigned About Siafoo page to show you Siafoo's coolest features... even if you've been using Siafoo for a while, I recommend you take a look -- there is probably a lot you didn't even know existed.

We've also improved searching throughout the site (especially the Siafoo Help pages) and made everything a lot faster. As always, for a list of everything that is new you can check out the What's New page.

I think that's it for now... if you have any feedback we are always happy to hear from you. And I really mean that - we've added a lot of cool features and tried to design the site for both you and us, but unless you tell us what you want the site will just be designed for us. As cliché as it sounds, we want to make sure the site works for you.