New Demos & Google Gadget

over 10 years ago

We want to let you know about some cool tools we've created recently.

First of all, we have new demos for the syntax highlighter, and reST renderer. If you've been avoiding posting a snippet or article because of you feel like you don't know what you're doing, here is a chance to play around without the risk of messing anything up. And if you're undecided about joining Siafoo, you can try out some of the functionality here without creating an account first. Both tools will load example data so that you can simply press the 'Render' button and get results.

You can also use these demos to create content for your own site. Using the reST Demo you can generate math expressions, flow graphs, and charts that you can then save as images. Similarly, you can use the Code Highlighting Demo to render an HTML version of the code.

Additionally, we implemented a cool Google Gadget that will let you enjoy the fortunes on your iGoogle homepage, blog, or website. Add to Google

All of these tools will work for those without a Siafoo account, so feel free to share the links with your friends.