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We've racked our brains, developed algorithms, ran complex simulations, and consulted world class scientists [1] all in an attempt to solve the great Siafoo Mystery of 2008. The mystery is that although Siafoo has acquired dozens of new user accounts over the past couple of weeks, none of the new users have shared any source code... or even rated any of the existing code.

This is confusing for various reasons, among them is the fact that people actually took the time to fill out the create account form, solve the captcha, verify their e-mail address and login to the site... but did not take advantage of all the cool features it has to offer.

Although neither of us is superstitious we are going to attempt to break the dry spell by offering $1, that's right one US dollar [2], to the owner of the first legitimate snippet that shows up in the recent activity stream after this news item [3].


This could be the actual dollar you receive

[1]That's not entirely true, we just talked about it over lunch... but that's not as dramatic.
[2]Please inform us how you would like to take delivery of your dollar. You may also be able to talk us into providing you with one unit of your native currency.
[3]Snippets made by David and I don't count