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A few weeks ago, during the last release, we upgraded Siafoo to Genshi 0.5, a version that promised to deliver more speed using static include caching and a C-based text processing module. It was fairly obvious that the site had gotten a lot faster but we didn't know how fast until we looked at the Google Webmaster tools crawl statistics. Among the statistics provided is the Time spent downloading a page:


Average time (in ms) Googlebot spent downloading a page

The sharp drop off at the end of August coincides with the Siafoo R8 release and upgrade to Genshi 0.5. Note that the drop off can not be account for by a difference in bandwidth or traffic to the server as our burst-transfer rate has been the same and the traffic to the site has been steadily increasing. As far as the two peaks, the first (May) peak was probably because David's Python Tips, Tricks, and Hacks article hit the front pages of reddit, ycombinator, and delicious, the second (June) peak was probably because the tubes were clogged... or possibly because of solar flare radiation.

In other news, next week is dedicated to BogoSort implementations. I thought I'd get the ball rolling with a simple Python implementation.