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On Monday we presented a talk about Siafoo to the Linux User Group of Davis. It went quite well, nobody fell asleep or walked out, and we received some really good feedback. The talk had two parts: What Siafoo does and How it works. Most of the information about Siafoo's purpose and features is contained within the about page but if you are interested in knowing a bit about the technologies Siafoo uses check out the PDF slides. Also if you happen to live in the Davis area we encourage you to check out LUGOD and attend some of their monthly talks. Of course if you run a User Group or club and want us to swing by and feed you some Siafoo propaganda contact us =)

On another note, the nodebox community brought to our attention that line endings for downloaded snippets were CR-LF (Windows style). The issue was caused by the fact that the internets use CR-LF as the standard line terminator. To remedy this all snippets are now stored with LF (Unix style) line endings. You should not see a difference when copy/pasting from the page but all downloaded snippets will have Unix style line endings. Let us know if this is causing a problem. Next release we will start sending the correct MIME type for most languages which should allow your browser to correctly change the line endings to your native format. For more about the history of line endings check out Wikipedia

Also Siafoo now supports COBOL, thanks to Theo