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Weekly Siafoo Update #1

over 11 years ago

Last year we decided to generalize the mechanism behind Siafoo News and allow for full featured Blogs. We felt that blogs on Siafoo would fill a gap somewhere between articles and snippets. Also since "they couldn't possibly take more than a couple of hours to implement" there was really no reason not have them. As it happens, Blogs took quite a bit more than "a couple of hours" to implement but I believe it was worth it, so next release you will be able to create personal and group based blogs.

Even cooler, this last week (or two) I implemented remote access for Siafoo Blogs using the Blogger, MetaWeblog, and MoveableType XMLRPC APIs, complete with RSD based autodiscovery. Check out this screenshot of Windows Live Writer (I could not locate an OSS blogging client that support RSD) connected to the Siafoo News "blog":


In actual "News" we just added the Creative Commons 2.5 licenses and the F# language. The purpose for adding the 2.5 license is to allow you to post items that are already under this license, for new content please use the CC 3.0 license. Note that F# is currently using the OCaml lexer but if you guys post enough snippets we will change that.

Till next week.