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Ah, actual news.

over 11 years ago

I know the news is supposed to be posted on Mondays but some things weren't finished (and it was David's birthday)

Anyway you should noticed that we made the snippets and code blocks cleaner and thus the articles easier to read. The yellow is gone from the line numbers and so is the '90s 3D effect. The admonitions have also been flattened and cleaned up.

There is also a new tool for translating from HTML to reStructured Text. It is not perfect, and the content still needs to be proofread, but it will save you a significant amount of time when converting HTML to reST. As a demo of what the translator can do (and also to increase my user ranking) I converted Ryan Tomayko's Dynamic Superclassing in Python article into reST, check it out. The translator is totally self contained so as soon as I overcome some of it's limitations I will post the code on Siafoo.

On an unrelated note since no one seems to be inviting their friends and colleagues I was going to threaten to run:

# 's
1DELETE FROM snippets
2 WHERE id = (SELECT id
3 FROM snippets
4 ORDER BY random()
5 LIMIT 1)

on the live db. Call it Snippet Russian Roulette (although it isn't really), after the brilliant Unix Russian Roulette. However we thought it would be more fun to dedicate the next two weeks to Delightfully Malicious code. I guess you can say this is the first ever, Siafoo Contest (or insert your cool sounding contest name here), so lets see how it goes. The winner will be chosen based on snippet rating and announced March 6th. Use the comments below to suggest the contest prize (unpaid Siafoo internship anyone?)

Oh and we've also played around with the ads so let us know if they are weird or annoying in some way.

Edit: Add your snippets to the Delightfully Malicious code library