In those rare occasions when Siafoo produces a 500 error (i.e. crashes), the server software sends us e-mails. Today I heard my phone ding with an e-mail notification, the display showed ~120 e-mails. Horror! What could possibly produce so many errors? As it turns out, a little used and almost forgotten feature. In the transition from the old server to the new one I (yes it was me) forgot to install the LaTeX compiler or even check the math page. So when someone accessed the math page the server attempted to generate all 120+ math images which resulted in the crashes... and e-mails.

Anyway it has been fixed now and I wanted to remind everyone about the sweet power of mathematical typesetting contained within Siafoo.

Physics trivia anyone? The following [almost] 100 year old equation [in a way] fixed a law that no one thought was broken and predicted effects we are just beginning to confirm, even so most people are only familiar with its special version.

What is it?

Oh and incidentally one of the main features in the next Siafoo update will be a reST pastebin... along with a vastly improved performance (especially of the home page).

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