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Siafoo has been updated

over 10 years ago

If you haven't noticed yet, Siafoo was updated on Saturday. This release brings a much cleaner home page,


optimized menu layout (eg. the My and Browse menus have been merged),


support for several new programming languages (ABAP, Prolog, Modelica, Rebol, MXML), and various performance improvements.

We have also moved to a different development methodology which will result in smaller but more frequent site updates. The idea is to keep the "trunk" stable at all times and only work on disruptive features in branches. (Strictly speaking since we switched to Mercurial there really isn't a trunk per se but you get the idea.) This approach, apparently called it's always summer in the trunk, will allow us to implement nifty little tools and improve existing features more rapidly and with less drama than before.

As usual, comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

Oh and we forgot to edit the "Siafoo has been updated e-mail" so everyone was sent the update e-mail from last time. Doh!


over 10 years ago (01 Feb 2010 at 11:39 AM) by David Isaacson
We really did update Siafoo, despite forgetting to change the email and the what's new page! I've finally just updated the what's new page, so if you'd like, you can see everything that's changed: http://www.siafoo.net/help/whats_new