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A few new things this week:


You can now become a fan of Siafoo on Facebook, which I know you want to : )... it's even easier than contributing code.


We have a page listing Siafoo's sponsors that you can visit to support Siafoo. If you buy anything from Amazon, ThinkGeek, or any of our other sponsors, it doesn't cost you anything extra but we get a bit of money for referring you to them. But you have to do it through the links on the sponsors page.

Privacy Defaults

We've changed a couple privacy defaults for new users: by default, anonymous Siafoo visitors will now be able to see you in the user listing page and view your profile. [1]

This should make it a bit easier for people to poke around Siafoo without creating an account, and I don't think infringes on anyone's privacy: email, IM, and friends will not be shown to anonymous visitors, so all your profile really shows is your stats, picture, and about me (the latter two you have to add on the settings page anyways, I figure if you can find that you can find the privacy settings :-D).

If you've already created an account, your settings will not be changed. Don't worry, we won't do what certain other sites do and change these things for you.

By the Way

If you'd like to make yourself visible to the outside world, we encourage you to do so. Change those top 3 to 'Everyone'.

[1]In case you're wondering where the profile link at the top went, you now click on your name to see your profile.