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Doom Inverse Square Root Function

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Dynamic Embedding

Dynamic embedding gives the Full Power of Siafoo to your site. The most recent version of the snippet will always be shown (you can also lock the embedded snippet to only display one revision if you like). Line numbers can be toggled, and we'll have even more Siafoo integration in the future. With either of these options, you can add on '?nolinenos' to disable line numbers by default.

To embed this snippet dynamically, include this line in your page:

Or, to always show this version of the snippet, include this line:

Static Embedding

Static embedding will load a bit faster (as it doesn't require a Javascript file) and might be your only option if you're posting on a site that doesn't allow <script> tags. However, you're locked to the current version of the snippet, and there's quite a bit more code to keep track of.

To embed this snippet statically, copy this CSS and the HTML below to your page.