License GNU General Public License, version 2
Lines 29
emulators (1) ZX-Spectrum (1)
Owner: nitrofurano
Group Owner: sdlBasic
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Converts binary files into .tap files Atom Feed 0

In Brief Converts binary files into .tap files used on ZX-Spectrum emulators
# 's
 1'- bin2tap.sdlbas
2'- converts binary files into .tap files used on ZX-Spectrum emulators
3'- Paulo Silva - 0810210949 - GPL License
5dim wrk4[49152],wrk5[49152],sphdr[32]:for i=0 to 31:sphdr[i]=0:next
8specfinp$=left$(finp$+" ",10)
9open finp$ for input as #1:flsize=lof(1):close #1
10if flsize<=65533 and flsize >=1 then:
11 open finp$ for input as #1:adrp=0
12 while eof(1)=0:wrk5[adrp]=readbyte(1):adrp+=1:wend
13 close #1
14 flsize2=flsize+2
15 flsizeh=(int(flsize/256)) mod 256:flsizel=flsize mod 256
16 flsize2h=(int(flsize2/256)) mod 256:flsize2l=flsize2 mod 256
17 for i=0 to 9:u=asc(mid$(specfinp$,i+1,1)):wrk4[tapln+i+4]=u:next
18 wrk4[tapln+14]=flsizel:wrk4[tapln+15]=flsizeh
19 wrk4[tapln+21]=flsize2l:wrk4[tapln+22]=flsize2h
20 checksum=0
21 for i=2 to 19:checksum=bitwisexor(checksum,wrk4[tapln+i]):next
22 wrk4[tapln+20]=checksum:checksum=255
23 for i=0 to flsize-1:wrk4[tapln+i+24]=wrk5[i]:checksum=bitwisexor(checksum,wrk5[i]):next
24 wrk4[tapln+flsize+24]=checksum:tapln=tapln+(flsize+25)
25 wrk4[0]=19:wrk4[3]=3:wrk4[19]=128:wrk4[23]=255
26 open fout$ for output as #2
27 for i=0 to tapln-1:writebyte(2,wrk4[i]):next
28 close #2
29 end if

Converts binary files into .tap files used on ZX-Spectrum emulators