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Or rather, looking up your site. I found this (very random) site: which appears to list sites related to your site. These are actually pretty on-target, which is rare.

Okay, even weirder, it found my friend (IRL) sontek's blog post. Now, sontek isn't even on Siafoo AFAIK. And it's a big internet. Coincidence? Probably, but wow.

Anyways the motivation for this post, and indeed this blog, was to share the wonder of Python Challenge. I'm only on level two but so far it is freaking awesome.

I didn't even know you could make blogs open to community posting, Stou handled most of the blog stuff... but it opens some interesting possibilities. For example, a blog could be a forum thread. You can see at the forum that we hacked together a forum using our comment infrastructure, but this would have been a creative way to do it too.