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Each week the department (like most departments) hosts a colloquium, a not-so-technical hour and a half long seminar with topics spanning the whole range of physics... from pure theory to applications in various fields. Because physics can be applied to anything (like stability of sand castles), as an undergrad I once heard a talk on how airplanes actually fly (no it's not really Bernoulli's principle) and one where Doug Osheroff gave an account of his involvement with the Columbia accident investigation board.

Today however was the first colloquium that had anything to do with the Classics. The project involved bombarding the parchment from an old prayer book (made of a recycled Archmedien text) with X-Ray's from a synchrotron at SLAC in order to trigger X-Ray flourescence in the ink and allow the researchers to read the over-written text and gain a better understanding of Archimede's theories. While I am not much into The Classics this project is very very cool and the talk was excellent.